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    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cryptocurrency Exchange. How to work? Review.

Date: 03-8-2017
This article dedicated to another cryptocurrency exchange - HitBTC.

How to deposit or withdraw money from HitBTC:

First of all you should create an account - sign up to HitBTC.

Then click at the "+Funds" button at the right top corner of the screen:

You'll be redirected to "Deposit and Withdraw" section:

Click "Deposit" or "Withdraw" next to the currency you want to deposit or withdraw and follow instructions. Also on HitBTC you''ll have 2 balances: "Main" and "Trading". You may transfer your money for one balance to another in this section.

How to trade on HitBTC:

Go to "Exchange" section at the left side of the top menu:

Then select "Trading pair" (you may also select "Trading pair" in "Market" section):

After that scroll down the page and you'll see trading section:

Set the "Amount" and "Price" of the currency you want to buy or sell and press "Buy" or "Sell" to create an order. If your price were sufficient your order will be executed immediately.