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How to get BitCoins for free?

In this article I'll share with you few fastest ways to get some BitCoin for free!
3 easiest and fastest ways to get free BitCoins:

1) BitCoin Faucets - "Faucet" is a special site that gives away small amoun of satoshi for all visitors. Just visit faucets and collect your free satoshi! Complete faucet list you may fing here - Cryptocurrency Faucet List.

2) Free BitCoin games - there are lot of simple online games where you can earn satoshi. Just play those games for free and earn BitCoins! Full list of these games you may find here - Free Online BitCoin games.

3) Free Cloud mining services - you may work with some cloud mining serrvices without investment! There are lot of cloud mining services that gives sign up bonus. All these services you may find here - Free Cloud Mining services.

If you know any other fast ways to get free BitCoins share it in comments below.