» » Micro-BTC.com - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

Micro-BTC.com - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

My today's review about new cloud mining service - Micro-BTC.
Start of the project: 04/26/2017.

Main info about Micro-BTC:
1) Sign up bonus 15 KH/s.
2) Daily profit equals 0.85% of investment.
3) Minimal sum of withdrawal 0.001 BTC.

My opinion about Micro-BTC:
Interesting service. It's HashOcean's analog, but with completely different unique design. Also minimal sum of withdrawal is pretty low - just 0.001 BTC. But what's the most important - this service trying really hard to look like real cloud mining. Micro-BTC even has live stream form datacenter (fake of course). It's obvious administration of this service made a great job. I liked this service and bought 15 KH/s. Gonna monitor this service. Hopefully it will work for long.

Sign up to Micro-BTC and grab your bonus.