» » BDCloud.club - cloud mining service. Reivew.

BDCloud.club - cloud mining service. Reivew.

I'm glad to announce new cloud mining service - BDCloud.

Start of the project: 05/01/2017.

Main info about BDCloud:
1) Sign up bonus 1 BD/s.
2) Daily profit equals 1% of investment.
3) Simultaneous mining of Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
4) Minimal sums of withdrawal: 0.001 BTC and 2000 DOGE.

My opinion about BDCloud:
Interesting service with nice design. Sign up bonus 1 BD/s equals $1 that's pretty big. Also this service has unique conception - your mining powers will simultaneously minie BTC and DOGE. Daily profit will be 0.5% in BTC and 0.5% in DOGE - 1% of investment daily in sum. I liked this service and invested $75. Will see how long it will work.

Sign up to BDCloud and grab you $1 bonus!