» » Polybius.io - first cryptocurrency based bank! Reviews!

Polybius.io - first cryptocurrency based bank! Reviews!

My today's review dedicated to the new cryptocurrency based bank - Polybius.

What is Polybius?

As I've already told - Polybius is cryptocurrency based bank. It will use blockchain technologies and lot of different innovations!

What's interesting about Plybius bank?

The interesting part is you can buy special cryptocurrency of this bank (tokens), and everyone who have this cryptocurrency will recieve a small part of bank's profit at the end of the year. The more Polybius's cryptocurrency you buy the bigger part of the profit you'll receive. In the other words you may become an investor of Polybius bank, by buying it's cryptocurrency.

How to invest in Polybius:

1) You need to register - sign up to Polybius.
2) Then login to your account and at the main page of your account simply choose the payment method and amount you want to invest:

3) Complete the payment and you'll recive your PLBT (tokens).

When will I get the profit?

Well, there are two ways to recive a profit fom you tokens. You may simply wait and at the end of the year you'll get a part of the
company’s profit. Or After the ICO, you can sell the token on the market to receive immediate profit. (ICO ends on 5 July).

What are the risks?

First of all, I guess you all want to know is Polybius legit or scam? And I want to assure you this project completely legit. Administration of Polybius also made HashFlare - one of the best cloud mining services that works for almost 3 years already, so I don't think there will be any problems with Polybius.

But what's about the profit? Well, yet nobody knows what profit will these tokens give to it's owners. Anyway the price of the tokens will most likely depend of investors interest, and you can see how much money already invested into Polybius on it's main page. Right now it's over $4 millions already for a first 36 hours, so I guess investors liked this service and it will have a great future!

Sign up to Polybius and buy it's tokens if you want to become it's investor!