Useful Information:
    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cloud mining service with 1 MGCoin bonus. Review.

Date: 09-27-2016
Hello, not so long ago another cloud mining service has started to work - Miner-Group.


Main info about Miner-Group:
1) Sign up boins 1 MGCoin (euqals $0.35).
2) Daily profit equals 1.18% of investment.
3) You can mine BTC, Doge, LTC or MGCoins.
4) Minimal sum of withdraw: 0.001 BTC, 150 Doge, 0.1 LTC.

My opinion about Miner-Group:
I should tell you that I've seen a script of this service a thousad times already and it's absolutely clear that this "cloud mining service" using ponzi scheme. But! As you can see minimal sum to withdraw DogeCoin only 150 Doge!!! That means you can earn it very fast even without investing anything! Even though it's a ponzi scheme service I've still invested $5 here to monitor this service.

As I told, you don't even need to invest something here - sign up Miner-Group and start mining DogeCoins!