» » BitMi.ru - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

BitMi.ru - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

Meet new cloud mining service - BitMi.

Start of the project: 05/04/2017.

Main info about BitMi:
1) You may recieve 20 GH/s bonus using promo-code bit65.
2) Daily profit equals 2% of investment.
3) Minimal sum of withdrawa - 0.002 BTC.

My opinion about BitMi:
BitMi is a good HYIP, that was working and payng for a while already. It was mostly advertised in Russia and became pretty popular. Now it starts to attract EU/USA investors to grow even bigger. It hard to tell how long this service will work, but of course I hope it will lwork long enough to give me some profit. I've bought 100 GH/s and will monitor this service.

Sign up to BitMi and don't forget to use promo-code bit65 to get 20 GH/s for free!