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Radeon RX 470 for Ethereum mining. Overview, Profitability, HashRate.

Date: 07-25-2017

Radeon RX 470 | Price: $390 | Payback period: NAN days

CryptoCurrenyDaily ETH incomeMonthly ETH income
HashRateDaily USD incomeMonthly USD income
PowerDaily USD profitMonthly USD profit

Hello, this reviews dedicated to the one of the best GPUs for Ethereum mining - Radeon RX 470. This graphic card has about 24 MH/s on Ethereum mining:

Also with decent overclock it boosts up to 27-30 MH/s! That makes this video card one of the most profitable for Ethereum mining.

On the other alghoritms this GPU also shows good results:

Profitability of Radeon RX 470 on Ethereum mining you may see at the top of the article.