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Radeon RX 580 for Ethereum mining. Overview, Profitability, HashRate.

Date: 08-17-2017

Radeon RX 580 is the one of the best graphic cards for Ethereum mining at that moment. It's an analog of Radeon RX 480.
RX 580 gives about 25 Mh/s at Ethereum mining and about 30 MH/s after overclock. Also this GPU show decent results on other algorithms:

– ZCash: 300 Sol/s
– Decred (DCR): 1.220 GHS
– CryptoNight (XMR): 600 H/s
– LBRY (LBC): 0.165 GHS
– Pascal (PASC): 0.830 GHS
– X11Ghost (SIB): 8.2 MHS

You may see profitability of Radeon RX 580 on Ethereum mining at the top of this article. If you have any questions leave in the comments below.