» Faucets Rotator. How to work with faucets rotator?

Faucets Rotator. How to work with faucets rotator?

Hello, if you looking for a fastest and easiest way to earn bitcoins, then you should start from "Faucets". "Faucet" is a special site that gives you small amount of BTC or some other cryptocurrency for just wisiting that site. There are large amount of Faucets and to make it easier to collect satoshi from all of them programmers made a faucet rotator.


How to work with faucet rotator?

1) First of all you should register at rotator's site - sign up Faucet Rotator.
2) Go to your profile at the right top corner of the screen:

3) Set all your wallet's adresses:

and save the changes.

4) After that you can start to collect cryptocurrency from the faucets. At the top of the screen click to the icon of cryptocurrency you want to collect:

5) And then click to the big green button at the middle of the srcreen:

 That's it. Just collet satoshi from the first faucet and go to the next and so on. If you have any questions feel free to ask it in comments.