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MinerGate.com review. How to work with MinerGate?

Hello, MinerGate is pretty popular mining pool that got it's own mining software. This pool made for people who can't or just don't like to learn how to set up different mining software for different cryptocurrencies and pools. With MinerGate's program you can start to mine lot of cryptocurrencies in few clicks!


What the main features of MinerGate?

1) Web Mining - you can mine straight from your web browser!!! Go to "Web Mining" section in your account and start mining without any special software - all you need is browser. Of course mining speed of "Web Mining" much lower then in normal mining.

2) Special mining software for Windows - MinerGate's mining program is easy to use and don't require any spesial knowleges. You can start mining in few clicks.

3) Smart Mode - makes mining program to mine most profitable cryptocurreny. Just switch on "Smart Mode" if you want to recive most profit from mining.

How to work with Miner Gate?

1) First of all register at this pool - sign up MinerGate.
2) Now you have to download mining program - go to "Downloads", and download the version of mining software suitable for your operating system.
3) Run the downloaded program. It should look like this:
4) Now just press "Start mining" against the cryptocurrency you'd like to mine, or select "Smart Mode" if you wan't to get maximal profit..
You may also select how many prcessor's cores to use. If you select all cores it's gonna be impossible to do something else on this computer, but if you choose just 1-2 cores then you cam mine and work with your computer at the same time without noticable problems.