Useful Information:
    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

Date: 09-26-2017
Another cloud mining service has just appeared, meet - FflakMining.

Start of the project: 09/24/2017.

Main info about FflakMining:
1) Sign up bonus - 100 GH/s.
2) Daily profit about 0.5% of investment.
3) You can mine BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR and BCH.

My opinion about FflakMining:
It's a qualitative HYIP that trying really hard to look like a real cloud mining. This service has nice uniqye design, interesting features and good background story. Still it's just a HYIP and what's most important - HYPE with very low daily income. I don't really see the point to woork with this service because it's profitability just slightly higher than profitability of trusted cloud mining services.

Still you may  try to work with just a bonus - sign up to FflakMining and get your bonus.