» FreeRipple.com - free Ripple lottery (faucet)! Reviews.

FreeRipple.com - free Ripple lottery (faucet)! Reviews.

Hello this review dedicated to the new free lottery - FreeRipple! This site is analog of FreeBitcoin and FreeDogecoin.
How does FreeRipple work?

It's pretty simple - first of all you need to register and then just press "Roll" at the bottom of the page. You'll have one free roll every hour.
You may win up to $300 in Ripple:

As you see chances to win $300 not so high, but still it won't take a lot of time to just press "Roll" once a hour.

How much can I earn?

Well, of course you can't play it 24/7, so let's take a number of 10 Rolls per day - your mininal daily earning will be $0.03 then, but you may win a lot more if you lucky.

The minimal sum of withdrawal is $0.26 so you'll reach it in about 8 days!

Sign up to FreeRipple and get your free Rolls!