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How to mine cryptocurreny guide

Hello, that's article is complete guide how to mine pretty much any cryptocurrency.

How to mine cryptocurrency?

Mining equipment: To start to mine cryptocurrency you need some mining equipment: CPU, GPU or ASIC. I guess you haven't bought ASIC yet, but since you reading this artcile you should have a PC with CPU and GPU so you can start to mine with it.

Mining pool: nowadays most of popular cryptocurrencies is to difficult to mine solo. You need to find a pool to start mining. Pool combines the mining powers of many users and making mining possible to miners who don't have a lot of mining powers (it's our case, cause CPUs and GPUs not really good for mining this days).
So, you should go to Google and find yourself a mining pool. Search something like "bitcoin mining pool" (change "bitcoin" for cryptocurrency you'd like to mine). There are lot of mining pool for any cryptocurrency, just find one and register if it requires registeration.

Mining software: the last thing you need to start mining is mining program. There are lot of different mining programs. Some programs made to work only with CPU, some work only with GPU and some programs can work with both CPU and GPU.

But what mining program do you need exactly? That information you may find on mining pool that's you about to use. Any mining pool have a section called "Geting Started" or something like that. In this section you may find all the information you need: what mining program and what settings for this program you should use.

For example:

This is the page "Geting Started" from one of the mining pools and here all the information you need: name of mining program, type of mining equipent it works with and an example of settings for this program.

How to start mining: so now you got your mining equipment, mining pool and even mining program. All you need to do now is to start mining program. But how? Usually you can start mining program by running ".bat" file in the program's folder. This ".bat" file contains pool settings. Edit this ".bat" file (you may do this with any notepad) - put here your pool settings that you took from "Get Started" section a little earlier and save the changes. Now run this ".bat" file and mining should start.

If you've made everything right you can find info about your earning on the site of the mining pool you use.

How to mine cryptocurrency solo?

As I told before, it's useless to mine popular cryptocurrencies solo, cause you won't ever get anything from that. But if the cryptocurrency you want to mine is new and unpopular yet then you may try to mine it solo and if you lucky you may earn lot of coins.

Solo mining is standart option for almost all cryptocurrencies, just download the wallet from the official site of this cryptocurrency, wait til your wallet sync and start solo mining in special section of your wallet called "Mining" or something like that.
Also you may create your own mining pool (that is pretty difficult) and mine throught this pool solo.

Is there easy way to mine cryptocurrency?

Of course there is! If you don't like to waste your time with all this mining programs and settings you may use special pool - MinerGate.
MinerGate allows you to start mining of many popular cryptocurrencies in few clicks!