» » StormHash.com - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

StormHash.com - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

Hello, my today's review dedicated to the new cloud mining service - StormHash.

Start of the project: 10/22/2017.

Main info about StormHash:
1) Sign up bonus 100 GH/s.
2) Daily profit equals 10% of investment.
3) Minimal sum of withrawal - 0.0005 BTC.

My opinion about StormHash:
Seems like this service were made by administrator of AuroraMine. For those of you who don't know anything about AuroraMine - it's a service that stopped to pay few days ago, but worked for a pretty long time - it's been online for 23 days with 10% daily profit, so you can easily calculate that those who invested in AuroraMine in first days after start had about 130% profit on their deposit.

So this service has exact same functions as AuroraMine, but different design. If it will work as long as AuroraMine it may be very profitable to invest here, but you should understand that it's not guaranteed this service will work just as long.

Still I've decided to risk and made at 0.01 BTC deposit.

Sign up to StormHash and grab your bonus!