» » CryptoMining.cc - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

CryptoMining.cc - cloud mining service with bonus. Review.

Hello, my today's review dedicated to the new cloud mining service - CryptoMining.

Start of the project: 12/23/2017.

Main info about CryptoMining:
1) Sign up bonus - $10.
2) Daily profit from 1% to 5% of investment.
3) You can mine lot of different cryptocurrencies.

My opinion about CryptoMining:
It gives a huge sign up bonus - $10, but this bonus devided on 4 different mining powers so it won't give you much profit.

As usually this service has level system - the more you invest the higher your daily profit. Also as I've already told - you can buy 4 different mining powers: SHA-256, X11, EQUIHASH, SCRYPT. Each one of them mining different cryptocurrencies.

I've liked this service and made $120 deposit to buy SCRYPT mining powers. Will see how long this service will work.

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