Useful Information:
    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cloud mining service with 1 GHS bonus. Review.

Date: 10-8-2016
Hello, another cloud mining service has just appeared - GHSMine.

Main info about GHSMine:
1) Sign up bonus - 1 GH/s.
2) Daily profit equals 1.33% of investment.
3) Ultra low minimal sums to withdrawal: 0.0035 BTC, 50 Doge, 0.1 LTC.

My opinion about GHSMine:
I've already seen another HYIP working on the script of this "cloud mining" service - that means administartion doesn't even bothered to make their own script or change a design of the site. So obviously GHSMine not gonna work for long and I've decided to not invest anything here.
Good thing that minimal sim to withdrawal DogeCoins really low - just 50 Doge, so you may get it really fast even without investing anything.

Sign up GHSMine and start to mine DogeCoins for free!