» » ScryptBot.com - cloud mining service with 100 Doge bonus. Review.

ScryptBot.com - cloud mining service with 100 Doge bonus. Review.

Hell, new cloud mining service has appeared - meet ScryptBot.

Main info about ScryptBot:
1) Sigh up bonus 100 DogeCoins.
2) Profit equals ~1.1% of investment.
3) Lot of different cryptocurrencies to mine.
4) Minimal sums of withdrawal: 0.001 BTC, 0.2 ETH/LTC/DASH, 1.0 STEEM/CURE/REP, 10 XRP/XMR/FCT/LSK/BLK/VOX, 500 DOGE/MAID/GRC, 1000 BTS/XEM/BCN.

What can I say about ScryptBot:
At first I thought that this service probably not so bad - at least this service using unique script and design so it's not just another copy of HIYP that gonna live for few days. And that's why I've decided to make a deposit and here started the problems - it's 3 day already since I've send 5000 Doge to this service and I still didn't receive it. Also I've received some DogeCoins from my referrals and tried to make a withdrawal, but also didn't receive anything and according to public chat I'm not the only one. Lot of people saying they didn't receive their deposit or withdrawal. That's why I don't recommend you to work with this service.

UPD: after 3 days I've finaly recieved my deposit. Withdrawals also works fine. Current status of the project below: