Useful Information:
    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cloud mining service with faucet. Review.

Date: 11-13-2016
Hello, today I'm glad to announce a new cloud mining service -

Main info about
1) Bonus from faucet in your account every 4 hous.
2) Profit equals 1.8% of investment daily.
3) You can mine BitCoin, USD, DogeCoin or GHS.
4) Minimal sums of withdrawal: 0.001 BTC, 1 USD, 100 DOGE.

My opinion about
This service works by the ponzi scheme, but administration not even trying to hide it. Instead of it administration claim that they wanna work for a long time and not gonna disappear with all the money. Well, pretty much every HYIP's admin saying something like that, so I don't really belive it. But what I can tell for sure is doesn't look good. Even if administration of this service claims they will work as long as they can, It's obvious that they didn't put much efforts in this service - cause I've seen similar design thousand times already also there are lot of ads on - it doesn't look attractive.

What I want to say is admin of had a really good idea about the background story of this service and so on, but implemented it really bad. That's why I've decided not to make a deposit.