» » BitMiner.eu - reliable cloud mining service! Review.

BitMiner.eu - reliable cloud mining service! Review.

Service has problems - selective payments and different bug. Probably SCAM - do not invest!

Hello, in my today's review I want to talk about trusted coud mining service - BitMiner.eu.

This service has been opened in January 2016 and still working and paying! Also BitMiner.eu have proofs of mining hardware and registered company - all this things made me belive it's a real and reliable cloud mining service - not just another HYIP.

Main info about BitMiner.eu:
You may buy the mining powers of next algorithms: nm16 - for BitCoin cloud mining, Scrypt - for LiteCoin cloud mining, X11 - for DASH cloud mining, Equihash - for ZCash cloud mining. Mined coins automaticaly exchanged for BitCoins so you will receive your mining payments in BitCoins anyway.

Profitability of every algorithm is different and changes every day. The actual information about profitability of BitMiner.eu you may see in the table of reliable cloud mining services.

My personal opinion about BitMiner.eu:
This is not most profitable cloud mining service, but still some mining contracts here looks pretty good, for example Scrypt contract here is one of the best among the other cloud mining services. Also you may see how much profit you will get from your mining powers daily even without buying anything - just click on the contract you want to buy and it will show you "Daily Net Payout" of this contract so you can decide if this mining contract worth buying or not.