» » GigaHash.org - trust cloud mining service. Review.

GigaHash.org - trust cloud mining service. Review.

Hello, this review dedicated to old and trusted cloud mining service - GigaHash.org.

GigaHash.org was opened in 2015 and still working and paying dividends. At first GigaHash.org had different mining contracts - SHA and Scrypt, but later SHA contracts became unprofitable and were deactivated. Now GigaHash.org selling only Scrypt contracts.

Scrypt contracts kinda good and most likely will be profitable for a really long time, so it makes sense to buy Scrypt mining powers.
The problem is Scrypt contracts a little overpriced on GigaHash.org compare to other cloud mining services, that's why it's better to buy Scrypt contracts somewhere else. You may find some better offers here - list of all trusted cloud mining services.

Probably best part about GigaHash.org is it's payment politics. You will receive your paymets automaticaly without any comissions as soon as your account's balance reach 0.0001 BTC. That means even if you buy just few MH/s of Scrypt mining powers you gonna receive automatic payments straight to your wallet daily!