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    Курс Bitcoin к USD - complete review. Reliable cloud mining service.

Date: 11-23-2016
Hello, in this review I will tell you everything I know about cloud mining service - HashFalre.

First of all I want to say - HashFalre is real and reliable cloud mining service. It has mining hardware proofs such as photos you may see in HashFalre's instagram. Also HashFalre has started it work at 2014 and still working and paying - no doubts it's a real cloud mining service.
The sum of my deposits in HashFalre is about $1000.

What mining contracts you can buy:

  • SHA-256 - lifetime BitCoin cloud mining contract. Profitability is about 50% yearly but slowly decreases. I'm not sure if it worth to buy this contracts or not, because even if it lifetime contracts it's profitability pretty low and becoming even lower and lower, so it can take like 3-4 years just to get your investment back and only after that you'll start to receive profit.
  • Scrypt - lifetime LiteCoin cloud mining contract. Profitability is about 130% yearly and kept at the same level for a long time already. That's why I think Scrypt contracts is the best option to invest in. I have bought 100 MH/s of Scrypt mining powers myself.
  • Ethash - 1 year Ethereum mining contracts. Profitability is about 70% yearly. Well, I guess it obvious - if profitability here is just 70% yearly and contracts work for just 1 year you won't even get your investment back.
  • X11 - 1 year DASH mining contracts. Profitability is about 80% yearly. I guess it obvious - if profitability here is just 80% yearly and contracts work for just 1 year you won't even get your investment back.
  • Equihash - 1 year ZCash mining contracts. Profitability is yet unknown. Profitability of this contracts depends of ZCash's course.

Profitability of every contract isn't fixed and changes every day. Actual data about profitability of every mining contract you may find here - list of trusted cloud mining services.

How to work with HashFlare:

To start working with HashFalre you simply need to buy mining powers in your accont and withdraw you dividends later. To buy mining powers click at the "Buy HashRate" option in the left menu and choose the contract you need from the list below:


For example I choose "Scrypt". Next you need to select how much mining powers you want to buy and press "Proceed":

After that you'll have to make few simple steps to complete your payment.

Oh, and something else - from time to time HashFalre gives away promo codes for small discount. You may find those promo codes on their facebook page or simply on the main page of the service.

Best mining pools settings for HashFlare:

In HashFalre you may select the pool or multiple pools your mining powers will work with. Your profit will slightly depend from the selection of the pools - it's better to choose "big" pools that have big hashrate numbers.

For SHA-256 I recommend you to choose Antpool and F2Pool.
For Scrypt I recommend you to choose Clevermining.

Can't say a lot about other algorithms. You may ask HashFalre's support what pools are best for the other algorithms.

At the end I would say - HashFalre is one of the best cloud mining services. If you want to make some serious investments you should take a look at the HashFalre. So join HashFalre and start mining :).

If you have any questions about HashFalre leave it in comments below and I'll answer.