» » Genesis-Mining.сom - reliable cloud mining service. Review.

Genesis-Mining.сom - reliable cloud mining service. Review.

Hello, my today's review about one of the oldest and most known cloud mining services - Genesis-Mining.

As I told before Genesis-Mining is one of the first cloud mining services ever made. It has been opened in 2014. It's reliable cloud mining service that has it's own mining hardware.

By the way - you could probably see some of Genesis-Mining's buildbords:

How to work with Genesis-Mining:

You simply need to sign up Genesis-Mining and buy mining contract. In your account go to "Upgrade HashPower" section in left menu:

Then select what and how much mining powers you want to buy. Then choose payment method and press "CONTINUE", to buy mining powers:

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Is Genesis-Mining worth investing:

Well, long time ago it was, but not anymore. Now all mining contracts on Genesis-Mining are overpriced.

You can buy next mining contracts on Genesis-Mining:
  • SHA-256
  • X11
  • Ethere
  • ZCash

Only X11 worth investing in at this moment. Other contracts won't even recoup their cost. Profitability of all contracts pretty low, but X11 gives about 70% and works for 2 years, so will probably give you some profit.

Anyway, prices and profitability of all contracts often changes - you can see actual data about profitability of all Genesis-Mining contracts here - list of reliable cloud mining services.

From time to time Genesis-Mining selling some good and profitable contracts, but most of the time all Genesis-Mining's contracts pretty bad and it's better to buy mining powers on another service.