» » BitcoinWorld.biz - cloud mining service. Review.

BitcoinWorld.biz - cloud mining service. Review.

Another cloud mining service has just appeared - meet BitcoinWorld.

Main info about BitcoinWorld:
First of all I want to say - this service trying to look like a real cloud mining really hard, but I'm almost 100% sure it's not real cloud mining, but just another HYIP. Anyway, this a HYIP made really good - it supports 7 different languages and got lots of interesing features. If I didn't know much about cloud mining I would have thought BitcoinWorld is a real cloud mining.

BitcoinWorld selling different mining servers - from S1 to S7. All servers have pretty same profitability - about 1% daily. By the way, servers doesn't work on holidays - it means you gonna receive dividends only 5 day a week. Minimal sum of withdrawal is $5.

Bonus! You may receive bonus up to $10 every months in "Bonus" section.

My opinion about BitcoinWorld:
As I told before - BitcoinWorld most likely just a HYIP, but really good HYIP, so I think BitcoinWorld will work for a long time. That's why I've decided to make a $25 deposit.

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