» » FreeDoge.co.in - free DogeCoin lottery. Review.

FreeDoge.co.in - free DogeCoin lottery. Review.

In this review I want to tell you about a free DogeCoin lottery - FreeDoge.co.in.

This lottey is simple. You have to register first and then you'll have 1 free try to win some DogeCoins every hour. You can win up to $200 in DogeCoins. Your prize depends of nubmber you've roled:

Minimal sum of withdrawal is 600 DogeCons. You'll receive payments automaticaly once a week or you can request instant payout any time you want.

And ofc main question is: do FreeDoge.co.in still paying? I should say - yes, it still paying and I'm receiveing payments from FreeDoge.co.in every week for a long time already.

Sign up to FreeDoge.co.in and start wining!

Current status of this lottery you may find below: