» » FreeBitco.in - free BitCoin lottery. Review.

FreeBitco.in - free BitCoin lottery. Review.

Hello, my today's review about free BitCoin lottery - FreeBitco.in.

In this lottery you have a chance to win up to $200 in BitCoins every hours for free. The prize you'll win depends of number you've rolled:

Prize size changes every day and depends of BitCoin course.

As I've already told before - you can play this lottery for free every hour. Sign up to FreeBitco.in and you can go straight to the game.

Also there are few other games on this site: "Multiply BTC" and "LOTTERY" (ye, one more lottery smiley )

Multiply BTC - is simple game where you need to make a bet of any size and choose if next number gonna be lower than 4750 or higher than 5250. If you were right you win your doubled bet, but if you were wrong you lose your bet.

Lottery - is just another lottery, but with bigger prizes and other rules. You'll receive free tickets for this lottery every time you roll lucky number and play Multiply BTC also you can simply buy these lottery tickets. The More tickets you have the bigger your chance to win.

And I guess, you want to know if FreeBitco.in paying or not? Yes it is. I receive payments from this lottery every week for a really long time already and didn't have any problems with this site yet.

Sign up to FreeBitco.in and try to win a jackpot!

Current status of this lottery you may see below: