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BTC-E.com exchange review. How to work with BTC-E?

Hello, in this article I will tell you my opinion about BTC-E exchange and will give you instructions how to work with this exchange.

Well, BTC-E is old and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. It has two mirrors - BTC-E.com and BTC-E.nz - these sites absolutely identical to each other's and you can work with any of them. BTC-E supports few most popular cryptocurrencies: BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DASH and few more. BTC-E has huge BitCoin turnover.

Now let's talk about how to work with this exchange. Of course you need to register first - sign up to BTC-E. Then you may start to work with this exchange.

How to Deposit/Withdraw money from BTC-E:

1) Go to "Finances" section in your profile:
2) You'll see the list of all supported currencies. Press "Deposit" or "Withdraw" against the currency you want to deposit or withdraw:
3) If you wanted to deposit money you'll receive deposit address you should send coins to. If you wanted to withdraw money just put your wallet's address in the special field, shew the amount you want to withdraw and press "Withdrawal".

How to trade on BTC-E:

First of all you need to deposit money on your balance so you'll have something to trade. See how to do it above. Next step - go to "Trade" section. You'll see something like that:
First you need to choose the pair you want to trade:

As you can see on the image above BTC/USD pair was chosen. Click on any pair you want to choose it.

Then scroll page a little bit lower and you'll see BUY/SELL section:

Put the number of coins you like to buy or sell in the "Amount" field and set your price in "Price" field. Then press "Buy" or "Sell" to create new order. If your price was sufficient your order will be executed immediately.

As you see it's not so hard to trade on BTC-E. If you still have any questions leave it in comments below and I'll answer.