» » YoBit.net - cryptocurrency exchange with bonuses! Review.

YoBit.net - cryptocurrency exchange with bonuses! Review.

Hello, this review dedicated to interesting cryptocurrency exchange - YoBit. This exchange is new, but pretty popular already.

Main features of this exchange:
1) More than 300 different cryptocurrencies you can trade.
2) Lot of bonuses in "FreeCoins" section.
3) You can buy new cryptocurrencies (yet not even tradable) in "ICO" section.
2) Gambling games - "Dice" and "YoPony".

How to work with YoBit:

How to deposit and withdraw coins from YoBit:

Register at first - sign up to YoBit. Then you need to make a deposit to start trading. Go to "Wallets" section in top horizontal menu.
You'll see list of all supported currencies. Press "+" agains the currency you want to deposit:

You'll receive your deposit address - send as much coins as you want to this address and after few confirmations it will be transferred to your exchange balance.

You also can request a withdrawal here by pressing "-".

How to trade on YoBit:

As I've already told - there are more than 300 cryptocurrencies on YoBit. To find the trading pair you need - go to "Market" section and type the name of the currency you want to trade in the search box:

Click on the pair you need and you'll be redirected to trading section:

Enter the "Amount" of coins you want to buy and "Price" in the appropriate fields, then press "Buy" or "Sell" to create new order. If your price was sufficient your order will be executed immediately.

That's it. If you have any questions leave it in the comments below and I'll answer asap.