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    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cryptocyrrency exchange. Review.

Date: 12-9-2016
Hello, my today's review about cryptocurrency exchange -
What can I say about It's old and reliable cryptocurrency exchange with with large turnovers of few most popular cryptocurrencies such as BitCoins, Ethereum, ZCash and so on.

How to make a deposit on

Click to "Balances" at the top right corncer of the site and then select "Deposits & Withdrawals":
After that click on on "Deposit" or "Withdraw" button against the currency you want to deposit or withdraw:

How to trade on

Go to "Exchange" section at the top left corner of the site:
Then set the currencies you want to treade at the "Market" section:

As you can see I've selected BTC and ETH.

Now you need to create buy/sell order:
Fill "Price" and "Amount" field and press "Buy" or "Sell" depending of what you want to do with your cryptocurrency. Your order will be executed immediately if you set decent price.

If you have any other questions about leave it in comments below.