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How to mine Pascal Coin

Date: 02-11-2017
Few weeks ago new cryptocurrency has appeared - Pascal Coin! And today I'll teach you how to mine Pascal Coin.

 How to mine Pascal Coin:
We will need:
1) Pascal Coin Wallet
2) Pascal Coin Mining Pool
3) Mining program

1) Pascal Coin Wallet:
You may download Pascal Coin's Wallet from or you may simply use online wallet for Pascal Coin at Poloneix Exchange.

2) Pascal Coin Mining Pool:
We will use You have to register at then create worker and set your wallet address in your profile.

3) Mining program:
We will use SGMiner 5.5.0 - download link. Latest version of this program you may find here.

Pascal Coin mining settings:
To start mining in the program's folder you should create ".bat" file containing mining settings:

sgminer.exe -k pascal -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.Worker -p WorkerPassword -I 21 -w 64 -g2

Change Weblogin.Worker and WorkerPassword to your data, then save and run ".bat" file to start mining.

If you don't know how to create ".bat" file you may download mine - start.rar .