» » Exmo.com - reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Review.

Exmo.com - reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Review.

My today's review about popular cryptocurrency exchange - EXMO. This exchange have lot of different ways to deposit USD: Capitalist, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OK Pay, Payza and so on. Also EXMO translated into 10 languages that's why lot of people prefer to work with EXMO.
How to work with EXMO: 

How to deposit and withdraw coins from EXMO:

First of all you should create an account - sign up to EXMO. Then you need to make a deposit so you can start trading. Go to "Wallet" section at the top menu. Then click "Deposit" next to the currency you want to add:

You will see available payment methods. Choose the method you want, set the amount you want to deposit and press "Refill my account":

Then follow instructions to complete the payment.

Procedure of withdrawal is almost the same - start from "Withdraw" button and follow instructions.

How to trade on EXMO:

You may simply trade your coins using "Exchange" button in "Wallet" section. But if you want advanced options you may go to "Trade" section at the top menu.

In the "Trade" section you'll need to choose trade pair at the top of the screen:

Then scroll the page a little bit lower and you will see the form where you can buy of sell coins:

Set the "Amount" and "Price", and press "Buy" or "Sell" to create an order. If you price is sufficient your order will be executed immediately.

If you have any questions left - ask it in comments below.