» » Bith.io - cryptocurrency HYIP. 3.6% daily. Review.

Bith.io - cryptocurrency HYIP. 3.6% daily. Review.

Hello everyone, this review about another cryptocurrency HIYP - BitH.
Start of the project: 02/08/2017.

Investment plans:
Main info about BitH:
1) Minimal sum of deposit - 0.001 BTC.
2) Minimal sum of withdrawal - 0.0001 BTC.
3) Instant payments.
4) You may withdraw your deposit after 24 hours.

My opinion about BitH:
Pretty classic HYIP, but with good design and technical part. It has 3 investment plans, but as you can see olny first plan is decent, cause I don't think someone will risk 2.5 BTC or more. That's why most people will be receiving 3.6% daily - it's not so big percent and BitH may work for a long time with this investment plan. I liked this service and I decided to make a deposit.

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