Useful Information:
    Курс Bitcoin к USD - cloud mining service with 15 KH/s bonus. HashOcean clone. Review.

Date: 09-26-2016
Hello, 06-24-2016 new cloud mining service has opened - BiteMiner.


Main info about BiteMiner:
1) Mining profit - 1% of investment daily.
2) Sign up bonus 15 KH/s for 30 days. If you'll buy some mining powers bonus remains forever.
3) Minimal sum for withdraw: 0.005 BTC. Automatic payments daily.

My opinion about BiteMiner:
Now there is a lot of HashOcean clones, but this one made up really good. BiteMiner got over 200 000 customers already, so I guess this service may live for a pretty long time. That's why I've invested about $50 here.

I reccomend you to look at this service closely - sign up to BiteMiner.