» » HashPower.io - BitCoin investment project. Review.

HashPower.io - BitCoin investment project. Review.

Hello, I'm glad to announce new BitCoin investment project - HashPower.

Start of the project: 02/14/2017.

Investment plans:

Main info about HashPower:
1) Minimal sum of deposit - 0.01 BTC.
2) Minimal sum of withdrawal - 0.0005 BTC.
3) Instant payments.
4) Deposit included into payments.

My opinion about HashPower:
Very qualitative HYIP. This service has very nice deisgn and translated into 6 different languages. Lifetime plans isn't that good for this type of HYIPs, but overall service made really good. I liked this service and made 0.1 BTC deposit using first investment plan. Hopefully HashPower will work long enough to give me some profit.