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Best Cloud Mining Services

All services from the table of trusted cloud mining services are reliable and safe, but all these services have different mining contracts, different prices and of course different profitability. That's why I've decided to make a special page where I will list only best mining contracts and will try to explain why exactly it's a best contracts atm. I recommend you to read it before making any investments.

Best Cloud Mining Contracts
1) Scrypt mining powers from HashFlare - Scrypt contracts are probably the best option to buy at any cloud mining service, because Scrypt mining contracts mine LiteCoin and LiteCoin is very stable for a really long time already, that's why we can make some forcasts about this contracts. Now profitability of HashFlare's Scrypt contracts is about 130% yearly and I hope it will remains the same for a readlly long time.

2) Scrypt mining powers from BitMiner - same Scrypt contracts as on HashFlare, but on BitMiner, these powers a little bit more expensive that's why profitability of these contracts a little bit lower - about 125% yearly.

3) KikoHash project from Dolevik - this is not standart cloud mining. Here you can buy shares from GPUs. These GPUs mining different cryptocurrencies (Ethereum atm) and you'll receive the profit from it's mining. This project have a lot of advantages over other cloud mining services - first of all GPUs can be easily switched from one cryptocurrency to another that means profit from mining won't ever drop too low. Also you may sell your shares at the exchange any time you want.

4) X11 mining powers from BitMiner - X11 mining contract not very profitable, it gives about 65% yearly, but BitMiner selling lifetime X11 mining contracts. That's why it makes sense to buy it.