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Reliable Cloud Mining Services

Hello, at this page I've collected all real cloud mining services, that have their cloud mining equipment and that gonna work and pay for years! You can be sure that any of this cloud mining services reliable and won't scam you. All services selling different mining powers and got different profitability - just choose the one you like and register to buy cloud mining contract:

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SHA-256: 82% yearly
Scrypt: 100% yearly
ETHash: 53% yearly
X11: 60% yearly
Equihash: unknown
Old and reliable cloud mining service. You may BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DASH and ZCash mining contracts. Scrypt (LiteCoin) contracts most profitable atm.Paying
DolevikBTMCMS: 66% yearly
CMSHP: 78% yearly
KIKOHASH: 80% yearly
KIKOHASH2: 96% yearly
DOLFIN: 18% yearly
This is not typical cloud mining service, but tool that may help you to lower your risks and increase your profits! Here you can buy shares of different projects. Read more in review.Paying
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16nm: 69% yarly
X11: 55% yarly
Scrypt: 56% yarly
ETH: 79% yarly
Equihash: 35% yarly
This cloud mining service is pretty new, but already got more then 30 000 customers. Lot of different mining contracts, also you can sell your mining powers back to service anytime you want.Paying
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SHASH2: 50% yearlyNot most profitable, but old, good and reliable cloud mining service. Daily auto withdraws without any comissions!Paying
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SHA-256: 35% yearly
X11: 55% yearly
Probably most known cloud mining service. Working and paying for years already. Daily auto withdraws without any comissions! Use promo code XsJ32q to get 3% discount.Paying
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SHA-256 4.0: 35% yearly
SHA-256 3.0: 40% yearly
Trusted cloud mining service that was opend in 2013. Still working and playing. But profits here pretty low. I recommend you to look at other services.Paying

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